Addiction Freedom Programs

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No matter how hopeless you might feel, there is a way to finally end your struggle with addiction.

First, remember that no matter how many times you tried to quit drugs or alcohol and failed, it does not mean that you can't do it. Thousands of my clients have come out of the darkness and ended their despair. They experienced an entirely new mindset, reprogrammed their brain, healed their past and become strong, healthy and in control.

  • First- You are NOT powerless. You are powerful. Starting now.

  • Next- Relapse is NOT part of recovery. Yes, people relapse, but you have been brainwashed to believe that it is expected in the 12 step process.

  • What else? You are not in recovery for life, you are not an alcohol or addict, you are not labeled and programmed to see your future as something to fear. You will embrace your power and freedom. Hypnosis can do this for you.

You don't have to hit bottom.
You don't have to learn more lessons.
You do not have to sit through another meeting.
You will never have to listen to one more story from people who are miserable.

When you experience this Hypnotherapy program, from your very first session you will realize that everything is about to change. You will connect with a part of yourself that does WANT to be healthy and you will discover what it feels like to be confident about your future.

Not ready to quit?
Not sure if you have what it takes?

Your very first session is one that will motivate you from the inside, reaching deep into your core to find the joy that you deserve. The very first hypnotherapy session will release your doubt and make the decision happen in your heart, soul, mind and spirit. This session can help anyone who feels they are just not ready, or that they don't have what it takes to stop drugs and drinking. You owe it to yourself to experience this.

The Addiction Freedom Program

You can choose how you want to create your healthy life.

Get the Addiction Freedom Home Course
You get the workbook, the hypnotherapy audio sessions and a coach who will call you and lead you through the course. You make a commitment to your coach every day, feel the joy of following through, share your success and thoughts and know that you have a confidential friend who is there for you every day.

Enroll in the Private Addiction Freedom program with our trained experts
Find a therapist in your town and choose to do the work privately, confidentially, in person. Your Hypnotherapy sessions will take you through your workbook, along with personalized tools and experiences. Our experts are highly trained and approved by me. You will be in good hands. And you will finally realize how it feels to know you have your life back.  Choose a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month program.

Attend a Four Day Intensive
This powerful training is designed for those who need to get out of their environment, dig deep into the experience and make the changes happen quickly. It is a transformation that has pushed people through their doubt and fear to an entirely new outlook in just 4 days.
You don't need to leave your job and family for a month in rehab.
You don't need to spend another $30,000 for a month of living away at rehab with 12 step meetings.
You just need to prepare yourself to get strong, healthy and in control with a small group of people and a therapist who truly cares.
Your trainer will follow up with you for a month by phone, continuing to guide you and give you direction you need. You will go home with dozens of Hypnotherapy sessions in your hands, ready to reinforce and strengthen your commitment every day.

How does the Addiction Freedom program work?

You have a specific lesson every day. Your workbook is your guide and your therapist assists you with our proven method that takes you through a transformational experience  each day.
You will make changes in your beliefs about yourself, your core identity, you will release the past, you will create new anchors for health and strength, you will learn about and experience the changes in your neural pathways your brain… and so much more.

The program is designed to cover every aspect of healing your life, your brain and your body.
You will have a list of suppliments that will repair your brain's dopamine deficiency and get your brain and body into a healthier state as fast as possible.
You will wake up each morning to a hypnosis session that will start your day in an entirely new way.
Your lesson for the day will be an insightful look into what you really do want in your life, who you want to become and creating the life you are emerging into.
The Hypnotherapy session will resolve your inner conflicts and deelpy reinforce the new beliefs that you are creating.
Each night as you are falling asleep you will use your Sleep Hypnotherapy sessions and embed your new beliefs as you sleep. If you have anxiety, fears or persistent negative thoughts they will melt away as you are guided to make deep changes in your mental and emotional state.

Whether you choose the Home Course, the Private Therapist, or the Four Day Intensive, you will experience the entire program. You simply choose what feels best for you. And you get the support of a caring, non-judgemental, highly trained Hypnotherapist who is an expert in Addiction Freedom therapy.

Let's face it. If you have been to rehab and given up 30 days of your life and $25,000-$40,000 of your money, you realized that it is all just about the same. You share a room with strangers, you eat crappy food, you attend 2-3 AA meetings a day. Your hear the same things and if you are not 'getting it' you are told AGAIN that you just have not surrendered. Or you are told that you are not 'working the program'. And the sad truth is that the 12 step programs don't work for 90% of the people. But you will be made to think it is your fault.

If what your doing doesn't work, do something else!
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
And yet, many people go to rehab again and again, spending another $30,000 or more, expecting different results. MOST treatment centers swear by the AA/12 step model even though they KNOW it has a miserable success rate. They just don't know what else to do, and they don't mind too much when you have to come back after relapsing and write them another check.

So, before you spend more money on rehab for yourself, your loved one, your friend or your family member… do this. Get Freedom. Find the truth. Experience something that works.

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Four day Intensive- $2900 with support for 28 days.
One month Private Hypnotherapy- $2900 Five Daily private Hypnotherapy sessions in your first week, then 3 times a week for the rest of the month.


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