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Trainer/Therapist Name Location Phone Number
Larry Lambert  Crofton, Maryland – U*SA
Jenn Price-Jones Alberta – Canada  
Martine Brisson Quebec – Canada  
Lea Cisero Scottsdale, Arizona – USA 480-502-5074
Carolyn Rigiero Lafayette, California – USA 925-408-8644
Carol Suter Lake Forest, California – USA 949-378-7545
Minerva Collier Los Alamitos, California – USA 562-375-6509
Renee Cardnas Palm Springs, California – USA  
Robin Yates Redondo Beach, California – USA  
Michelle Braun San Diego, California – USA  
Gary Collier Seal Beach, California – USA 562-375-6509
Stephanie Voss South Pasadena, California – USA 323-478-1920
Dani Fox Lakewood Ranch, Florida – USA 941-681-0117
Rene Brent Maitland, Florida – USA  
Rebecca Lellek Hamilton, Montana – USA 406-396-5552
Debra Troy Lambertville, New Jersey – USA  
Pamela Fay  Lake Oswego, Oregon – USA 503-515-1272
Melanie Wilson Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania – USA 610-526-9111
Patricia Eslava-Vessey Seattle, Washington – USA 206-459-2898
Sofia Bustamante London, England – United Kingdom  
Lee Pelletier Herkimer, NY – USA  
Vanessa Gregory Noosa, Queendland – Australia  
Mary Mcalliob Dempsey Achill Island, Mayo – Ireland  


Hire an Expert to present a workshop or training in your city. Read on…

How to bring The Addiction Freedom course workshops to your treatment facility

The Addiction Project has an innovative program that will get your residents excited about recovery. The model combines numerous technologies and strategies (listed below) to make permanent and powerful changes in the way an addict processes information subconsciously.

No Fear
Many clients come to you with fear about their recovery and many don't believe that they will make it. Many are just buying time while they wait to get released so they can immediately get high or drunk. Most have been through a program before and are anticipating the same process and the same results. Our methodology helps create a shift in their expectations, desires, and belief systems, and in doing so, creates an opportunity for greater change.

Most rehab centers tell us that the biggest challenge they have is to motivate their clients to want to change or to take their time at rehab seriously. We have found some amazing changes in the attitudes, willingness and desire when we apply these principles and processed to the rehab experience.


Train Your Staff
We can train your staff or bring one of our team members to present a half day introduction to the program for both staff and residents.  This program is designed to open everyone's mind to the new protocols  used by many of the most innovative treatment centers. Find out why many ‘high end’ facilities have been incorporating these tools already. Passages Malibu has a very high success rate that is well verified and they credit much of their success to a team of 12 hypnotherpists on staff.

Find out how you can bring The Addiction Project to your facility.
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Our Tools

  • Hypnosis – A process that facilitates greater communication between the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Creates a powerful connection between beliefs, values and behaviors that results in a permanent and congruent belief that a person is free to live without the substance.
  • Anchoring and Operant Conditioning – Utilizes subliminal triggers that are reacted to below the conscious level and that produce physiologically measurable change.
  • Somatic Experiential Programming – Incorporating the physical, mental, and emotional into a powerful and compelling state.
  • State Dependent Memory and Learning – Rewiring the responses in the neural networks of the brain that will be associated with healthy thoughts and behaviors.
  • Regression to Core Cause(s) – Resolve and reframe the events from the past that are creating the core needs for addiction.

Our Training

This process is much less a revolution and much more an evolution of what is already used elsewhere. A surprising majority of this program is about synthesizing and applying things that use the latest research and discoveries about how the brain works.
Neuroplasticity is the foundation for what we create for your clients. Hypnotherapy and NLP processes actually facilitate the neural rewiring of the brain to stop the cravings, fear and relapse. Finding the triggers that a client has and actually creating a new response to those triggers will stop the fear of relapse. A person can have a memory of the drug or alcohol trigger and have a subconscious reponse that makes them feel strong, healthy and in control. The new responses are a result of new pathways that are made in the brain and are triggered below the conscious level.
Not only will your clients feel strong and healthy, they will have the science that backs up the training they are receiving.

The change happens right away and your clients will be happier and more positive starting with their first day. You can be proud to offer this training to your patients or clients. Our trainers are happy, positive, exciting people who inspire their group to take on a life that is much more than just quitting drugs and alcohol.

Training for Counselors, Therapists and Coaches

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