Rebecca Lellek – Montana


Rebecca Lellek

Hypnosis for Wholeness

Hamilton, Montana USA

I believe you can be free of addiction. Learn how to quiet your thoughts, relax your mind and and body, and activate the wisdom within you that has your own best answers. Let go of thoughts and beliefs that hold you in “dis-ease”.

Rebecca Lellek received her education from the Hypnotism Center of Western Montana
with certification through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Her passion
for the mind-body connection set her on this path of learning. Rebecca uses her
knowledge to empower others, assisting them in making positive changes in their own

Rebecca has been trained to assist in addiction relapse prevention and is passionate
about helping clients experience a new way of seeing the world without their addiction.
As a mother, teacher, speaker, and active member in her community, she always looks
for ways to bring what is out of balance into balance.

Rebecca believes in finding joy in the present moment and moving into loving
acceptance of what is. When we are able to experience compassion for anything and
everything we face, including ourselves, only then are we able to experience balance in
our lives.

Rebecca offers these courses-

  • 4 Day Group Intensive
  • 4 Day Private Intensive
  • One Month Intensive
  • Three Month Intensive
  • Weekly Free group sessions (presentation intro)