Minerva Collier – California


Minerva Collier, LMFT/CCH
My mission is not to just to help you stop the fear of relapse – it's to help you regain your life and your freedom.

Los Alamitos, California USA
(562) 375-6509


Minerva Collier, LMFT/CCH is among the most qualified professionals in the West Coast. She holds advanced degrees in Counseling, trained in New York City and San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to her Masters in Clinical Counseling and Masters in Social Work. Minerva is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner/Trainer and a Relapse Prevention Specialist.

Minerva helps clients end their struggle with addictions by utilizing the science of how the brain recovers from drugs and alcohol. She combines the powerful tools of hypnotherapy and NLP to help clients recover from the pain of addictions. Clients are able to live a life in which they feel strong, healthy and in control.

Minerva has decades of experience helping clients make lasting positive changes. She teaches clients how to tap into their inner resources and discover a life in which they regain their freedom and truly feel empowered.

Minerva offers these courses-

  • 4 Day Group Intensive
  • Weekly Free group sessions
  • In Treatment centers, residential and outpatient
  • Free Presentations for treatment centers