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Pamela Fay CHT

Let go limitations, live an abundant life, supercharge results. You…unlimited.

4585 Trillium Woods
Portland area
Lake Oswego, Oregon

(503) 515-1272

Charter member of the worldwide Addiction Project Team, Pamela Fay, is pleased to offer the Addiction Freedom program to clients at Lake Oswego Hypnosis. Fay began her career as a classically trained business professional, having earned an MBA at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration (Dartmouth College) in 1990. As a business consultant, she has coached and trained business leaders for over 20 years.

This may be the reason why she tried to ignore the call, when, just a few years ago, her lifelong interest in hypnosis came knocking on her door. Fay's fascination in hypnosis began as a pre-teen when she purchased a Scholastic Book on self-hypnosis from babysitting earnings. Fay's interest in the subject never waned and she eventually flew from Chicago to Dallas to take her first hypnosis certification course in 1999 at the peak of her consulting career.

In 2013, Fay finally gave in to the calling, earning her first CHt certification at Apositiva Institute, then earning a second at The Portland School of Hypnosis that same year. In addition, she became a practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), having used the techniques in business settings for many years. "I love the combination of hypnosis, NLP, and various leadership methodologies, such as emotional intelligence, to help clients empower themselves and make lasting change in their lives."

Fay, at age 56, considers herself a lifetime student and a voracious reader, taking every opportunity to understand how limiting beliefs are altered and how permanent change is made. She is also a weight management specialist and certified in sports hypnosis, working with all ages to achieve the level of fitness and vitality that they envision. Over the years, Fay has seen hypnosis work in ways that reinforce her belief that the mind is an amazing and powerful force.

Recently, Fay began incorporating energy healing into her practice, using Pranic Psychotherapy® protocols to compliment Addiction Freedom methods and to promote physical and emotional recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Pamela offers these courses

  • 4 Day Group Intensive
  • 4 Day Private Intensive
  • One Month Intensive
  • Three Month Intensive
  • In Treatment centers, residential and outpatient
  • Free Presentations for treatment centers
  • Schools, Colleges, University Workshops