Patricia Eslava-Vessey -Seattle Washington


Empowering You To Succeed
Freedom From Addictions

Seattle, Washington
(206) 459-2898

Patricia Eslava Vessey PCC, CHt is the owner of Integrity Coaching & Training Systems, a personal development company dedicated to empowering people to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Patricia is passionately committed to supporting her clients in transforming, negative and destructive beliefs and behaviors into the positive and self-confident lives they desire and deserve.

Her clients are groups and individuals. She works with all ages, including children whose lives are challenged by stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, lack of confidence, lack of focus and follow through, insomnia, addictions, excess weight, lack of motivation, self sabotage chronic pain, relationship problems and others.

As a certified Addictions Hypnosis Specialist, Patricia helps people free themselves from the bondage of addictions and live the lives they desire and deserve by empowering them to transform their lives, powerfully, confidently and enjoyably for good.

Using coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, workshops and hypnosis recordings and written material, she teaches people to empower themselves by harnessing the power of their mind. Her students and clients learn new skills as the reprogram their minds for success.

Patricia offers these courses-

  • 4 Day Group Intensive
  • One Month Intensive
  • In Treatment centers, residential and outpatient
  • Sales Presentations for treatment centers (with support and training)
  • Schools, Colleges, University Workshops