Stephanie Voss- Pasadena California


Make Up Your Own Mind

South Pasadena, California
323 478-1920

Stephanie Voss is a clinical hypnotherapist who has been helping clients regain control over their thoughts, feelings and behavior since 2007.

A former newspaper reporter and a licensed private investigator, Stephanie uses techniques based on the practical, real effects of accessing the subconscious mind.

Stephanie helps clients break addictions to negative thoughts (what some call anxiety or depression) and to behavior.

Techniques known for breaking addictions to smoking cigarettes or biting nails are applied to other habits to eliminate the need to relapse into drinking or using.

The philosophy of The Addiction Project is dramatically different from that of 12-step programs. Rather than repeating ideas of helplessness and unwanted identity, Stephanie's clients use the chemicals and electromagnetic energy of their own brains to create powerful feelings of health and strength. That's the best relapse prevention possible!

Freedom doesn't have to come at the cost of a daily struggle, one day at a time. It can be as simple as turning on the light switch — it was once dark and now it is light! And the subconscious mind can learn how to continue providing the power, easily and behind the scenes.

Stephanie has specialized training in several medical areas: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fibromyalgia, chronic pain and is a certified instructor of Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis.

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Stephanie offers these courses-

  • 4 Day Group Intensive
  • 4 Day Private Intensive
  • In Treatment centers, residential and outpatient
  • Sales Presentations for treatment centers (with support and training)
  • Schools, Colleges, University Workshops