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The Addiction Project
This is a breakthrough in relapse prevention that uses a specific methodology to end the struggle of addiction. Based on science and research, this works.

The brain of an addict reacts to beliefs, values and triggers. The subconscious processing in the brain is often completely ignored in most drug and alcohol rehab systems, and as a result the failure rate is often over 90%.

Based on what we now know about how the brain works, applying our newly discovered and clinically accepted methodologies, the mind and behavior modification techniques will work to retrain and recondition the addict at the core subconscious level.

Why does it work?
Research shows how our thoughts and feelings create new brain states, neural networks and pathways and actually affect our gene expression.

The course segments often create instant change for the client, and access the levels of belief below the conscious awareness. These levels of belief will determine the success or failure of an addict.when they choose to become clean and sober.

The core change happens in the belief and value

 The Most Powerful Transformation Tools in the World
A Focused and Rewarding approach to end the struggle with addiction… for life.

There are many paths to the top of the mountain.
The addiction project presents an entirely new path in the treatment of addiction. We believe that the success rate for addicts can be increased substantially and that cravings and habitual thoughts can vanish within a very short time. The success is based on the experiences of thousands of successful addicts who become free from addiction and created a massive and permanent belief that they are  strong, healthy and in control. This method makes sense for those who failed at the traditional 12 step approach and are ready for something more powerful. The Addiction Project is a great choice for those that want an alternative that creates power and absolute belief that you can lead a healthy life, without fear, doubt or struggle.





What you think about… expands

Expand the thoughts, feelings and values that create power and free will.

The big gains in treatment come from the processes that utilize the unconscious resources that affect our behavior below our conscious awareness. The most exciting part of this therapy is the immediate change that a person experiences.

Using hypnosis and NLP a person can really understand how powerful their beliefs and values and boundaries are in creating a powerful and committed life. Discovering the subconscious role in our behavior gives tremendous power to an addict.

Research has shown that talk therapy can actually worsen a person’s outlook and the process of dwelling on the problems and failures can create a deeper state of depression.

You become what you think about most of the time.

This statement is accepted as true in the way our brain shapes our reality and the way we respond to the events in our lives. If a person is going to emerge as a successful, clean, powerful being they must experience themselves as this person repeatedly.