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Better Than Ever!

I have received thousands of testimonials from people all over the world who had given up on life.
People who failed at decades of treatment facilities have found something that finally worked. The stories are inspiring and powerful and they show us that no matter how low you have sunk, there is a way to get your life back better than ever!
I am grateful to be able to share this work with everyone and grateful for all the families who have their loved ones back. 
Wendi Friesen


My work with clients who are struggling with addiction has put me on a path to change the way the world treats addiction. I am training therapists, counselors and coaches to use the Addiction Freedom method with their clients. Addiction Freedom really is what it says- Freedom! No longer in recovery, not diseased for life, no more meetings. Experience the freedom of having your life back. Heal your mind, body, heart and soul and live a life that is strong, healthy and feel what it means to be in control.


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About 2 months ago, I started the ALCOHOL FREEDOM program,  and so far as of today, I'm on day 27 of Abstaining from Alcohol and I've lost 10 lbs!  
It's amazing.  I feel so great. I LOVE your hypnosis sessions, they are working for me, I just can't believe it. One minute I think about having a drink, and within 1/2 of a second, my mind is just totally somewhere else, the thought vanishes. There is no desire to struggle with, it's gone.  Thank you, again.

So, I have to tell you about my life, before I found these programs, but I'll make it brief. The last 8 years I went through monumental life changes. I started drinking to escape the loneliness and pain, and started gaining lots of weight – 60 lbs. I had no energy, was sleeping all the time in the middle of my days and drinking 5 or 6 pints of beer or a bottle of wine every night I feel so great.  Thanks again Wendi.

At age 45 I had been drinking since I was about 15.I had tried numerous ways to quit drinking. AA, rehab, cold turkey you name it. A few days or weeks I would be right back to where I was only feeling worse about myself after another failed attempt to quit drinking. I never could stop the desire to drink. Wendi, your program changed my thinking and gave me a new lease on life. I have been sober 10 month's now and haven't had a desire to drink in about 9 1/2 months. I lost 20 LBS, workout, write have dreams and goals again! I have a new life.
No desire to drink… doesn't bother me at all. I still play golf with my drinking buddy's and tailgate at games, and I am often the Designated Driver. Ironic after numerous DUIs. Even when I am not listening to the CDs I often hear Wendi's sweet voice telling me to be proud of the person I have become. I am extremely proud of myself and happier then I have ever been.
Thanks Wendi, I really can't thank you enough.

I listen to your three minute hypnosis every morning and at other times in the day if I feel I need a boost!….but I am so thankful to you….I give you the credit for my sobriety….and for the peaceful response that I have now to the things that used to trigger the anxiety and fear that made me want to have a drink….I have tried everything…(or so I thought!)…. I have destroyed relationships right and left since I started to drink….and already some of the people I love have let me back into their lives, and it feels so good to have another chance….

I started Alcohol Freedom 6 wks ago, I gotta tell you I haven’t had a beer in six weeks and my family came over drinking for thanksgiving and I wasn’t even tempted have a beer. I only listened to 3 or 4 days of your program, and I just totally lost my urge to have a beer which is unusual. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you.

It has been over four months that I took my last drink. It has been easy which is unbelievable to me as I have no more desires. I feel tremendously healthy. I feel empowered and free from needing alcohol in my life. I owe it all to the program that has taken away the dreaded and shameful dependency.
I realized that the reasons I drank were more about old beliefs and past sensations that I held in my subconscious. I imagined a time when my parents were happy around the smell of alcohol. I believed that as a young child this was what "happy" was supposed to be like when in reality it was more about lack of confidence and escape.
I learned negative patterns that made me drink myself into oblivion. But now all that energy for drinking has been cleared away to reveal my truth. I no longer need alcohol to be feel confident or happy!

Last night, I went to hear a friend’s music. I had a diet cola. I had a blast. Music was fantastic – I even participated as a “performer” on a couple of songs. I smiled about having performed under the influence of a diet cola, and I am not struggling through the grind of detoxing. This program is working and is going to work even more. It’s not just about alcohol. It’s about one’s viewpoint of living life and addressing one’s deep desires for a healthful, satisfying, creative, fulfilling self being actively engaged in creating the positive.

I look forward to hearing your beautiful voice everyday. You have truly been a blessing in my life and undone all the damage traditional treatment has done to me. As with most people with substance abuse problems, the more "help" you get, the worse the habit becomes. I walked into AA four years ago a problem drinker who was expecting to find a happy, healthy group of people who would slap me on the back, tell me to buck it up and support me in sobriety. Just the opposite is true. They convinced me I was sick, sick sick and should NEVER trust myself. They teach you to live in mortal fear of alcohol, of yourself and your thoughts, assuring you that you'll die if you don't "work a good program" whatever that means.
When I told my sponsor that I'd realized AA would not work for me, that I found it negative and fear-based, that I was simply not the type of person who blindly accepts dogma without questioning it, I was screamed at that "you are going to end up dead" and the phone slammed down. Not one of these people has ever contacted me again after receiving daily phone calls, socializing, etc. under the pretense of caring and support. I saw my lovely sponsor in the grocery store and she glared at me and turned her cart around to go the other way! Such serenity and love they have. In the years since my first exposure to AA, I went from problem drinker to full-blown addict who had to be hospitalized twice for detox.  Beware of recovery group disorder because it can be a killer for so many people. I am sickened by the stranglehold they have on this country and the cult they have evolved into with the blessing of the medical community.
Wendi, again, anything I can do to help you with your WONDERFUL program, I will do.  It is exactly what substance abusers need and is the polar opposite of the current treatment in this country which nobody seems to be examining.
I couldn't imagine life in AA or life in addiction. It is an impossible choice since neither one of them offers a chance to live as an independent person with dreams and goals.
You've given that back to me. Please let me know what I can do to give back to you. Thank you Wendi….